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Seamless Digital

Sportzplanet's Marketplace Sports Hub

Connecting with people is only half the battle, engaging with people so that they remain online longer, so that they return and so that they tell others about their experience is the most essential aspect of creating a successful sports hub. 

At Sportzplanet we don't just build, we create award winning seamless connection for a personalised digital fan and consumer engagement experience. We build amazing fan and consumer journeys, we give your sponsors new reach and connection. Sportzplanet is helping drive the future of sports engagement. 

Sportzplanet has created the most advanced digital sports engagement platform to drive seamless connection for sporting organisations to connect with fans and consumers globally. Imagine a way in which you can connect across all generations regardless of location, without boundaries. From sporting events, live streaming, education, connecting sponsors to new markets, giving athletes a platform that they deserve. 


So many incredible options. Bring the fans to you - virtually. 



Online retail engagement


Live Events

Live stream any event (PPV)


Digital Journey

Create amazing fan journeys

The future of sports engagement is here.


A virtual sports marketplace, that seamlessly connects your organisation to global markets. Designs can be as complex or as simplistic as you desire. Creating incredible journeys is fun and interactive. 

The first step is to embrace the future and to talk to the team at Sportzplanet.



Create a complete experience

VIP seating.webp

Exclusive Access 

Bring fans to any event globally

Sportzplanet Private suite.jpeg

Sponsored events

VIP -Members only events

We help define your organisations international growth strategy. We help identify your competitive advantage is and what differentiates you from other brands and competitors. We craft every platform design so that we maximise your advantage.


Our platforms are designed to add to your existing strategies, not to replace them. We ensure that thought goes into designing and complementing for a growth strategy that considers every company’s resources and its capacity. It is never a one-size-fits-all answer.

Talk to the team at Sportzplanet today!

The most advanced digital sports engagement platform

Time to embrace the future of sport


Fan Zones

Unique fan to player zones


No boundaries

Seamless global connection

Horse Race

Sports Betting

Create online betting zones

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Global seamless learning options

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Creating any personalised event



The perfect media platform

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